Cold Spring

Downey & Our Community

Downey-Subpage-Square-COLD-SPRING1.jpgCold Spring’s roots run deep. Its oldest current home was constructed in 1814, and stands today on 191 Main Street. The village’s central square features in the National Register of Historic Places, thanks to its numerous well-preserved 19th-century buildings. A number of notable residents throughout American history have populated Cold Spring, from famed Civil War Union Army general Gouverneur K. Warren to “American Pie” songwriter Don McLean, who penned the seminal track while living in the village.

Downey Energy can relate to the historical spirit of Cold Spring. After all, we’ve been a staple of the village and its surrounding service area since 1917, when Jeremiah V. Downey set out to provide the community with a reliable energy service that residents could trust like family. Nearly a century later and three generations since, the Downey family continues to serve Cold Spring with the same dedication to quality, only with many more services to choose from.

Downey Energy has been Cold Spring’s most trusted energy provider for almost 100 years, and with time our roots have only grown stronger. When you call Downey Energy, expect to be treated as a member of the family.   


Cold Spring History

Downey-Subpage-Square-COLD-SPRING2.jpgThe story of Cold Spring flows with the tides and currents of the bountiful Hudson River. As early as the 1600s, the Hudson served as a major mode of transportation, and supplied hydro-power to fuel the innovation of Cold Spring’s earliest settlers. First occupied by Thomas Davenport in 1730, the area grew into a small riverside trading hamlet by the early 1800s. Local lore has it that the namesake came from George Washington himself, who drank from a local spring and declared it to be refreshingly cold.

Natural beauty and plentiful resources have always gone hand in hand with Cold Spring. In 1818, resident Gouverneur Kemble helped establish the West Point Foundry, which utilized the region’s supply of iron ore and lumber to become one of the major manufacturing sites in the United States, providing munitions for the Union Army during the Civil War. As the Foundry’s productivity increased, so did influx of new residents, and local housing, businesses and churches were established in the sprouting community. The village of Cold Spring was officially incorporated in 1846.

The breathtaking view of the Hudson Valley Highlands began to serve as an inspirational muse to artists and writers, as well as provide a calm and peaceful escape for many prominent families. Great mansions were built along Morris Avenue, including Undercliff, the home of notable poet George Pope Morris, and Craigside, home of “Taps” bugle call composer Daniel Butterfield. More recently, Cold Spring has been home to acclaimed novelist Anita Desai, singer-songwriter Don McLean of “American Pie” fame, and playwright Sharr White.

Not surprisingly, Cold Spring’s historical charm and awe-inspiring natural surroundings are alive and well. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy an afternoon stroll along the quaint sidewalks and explore historic sites, shops and restaurants, all to the gorgeous backdrop of the village waterfront. For decades, Cold Spring has stood out among the Hudson River communities in retaining its original spirit and character. This is no small part because of the respect and loyalty of its residents, as well as their ability to address the needs of the present day while preserving its time-honored heritage and way of life. All of us at Downey Energy are very proud to be a part of keeping Cold Spring a wonderful place to be, and are honored to continue to provide reliable and neighborly comfort service to its residents.