Propane Service Plans


A Downey Energy service plan delivers the essential protection that every New York home needs during our harsh winters. It combines the preventive maintenance your system needs to run reliably and efficiently with a pledge of 24-hour emergency service and valuable costs savings in the event of a repair.

We offer a choice of two service plans for propane heating – Propane Plan A, providing coverage for nearly 30 parts plus labor; and Propane Plan B, which includes over 30 more valuable parts and services, for maximum coverage.

To enroll in a service plan or request more information, please call our office or send us an e-mail.

Propane Plan A

  • Excellent coverage for nearly 30 valuable parts and services 
  • Includes warm air or hot water system 
  • Includes 24-hour emergency service
  • Includes an annual tune-up to increase system longevity and performance
  • Covers repair or replacement and labor associated with the following heating system parts listed in Propane Plan A only:

  • Single Aquastat
  • Circulator Relay
  • Draft Regulator
  • Emergency Switch
  • High Limit Control
  • Low Limit Control
  • Pressuretrol
  • Primary Control
  • Thermostat (manual)

HOT WATER SYSTEMS: Main Zone is Living Zone, which includes Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room.
  • Circulator Coupling
  • Circulator Motor
  • Circulator Motor Mounts
  • Circulator Wicking
  • Blower Belt
  • Blower Motor (up to $250)
  • Blower Motor Pulley
  • Fan & Limit Control

  • Burner Orifices
  • Burner Tubes
  • Gas Valve Orifices
  • Gas Valves
  • Hot Surface Igniter
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Pilot Burner
  • Pilot Tube
  • Pressure Switch
  • Sensor
  • Sensor Ignition Module ($125 allowance)
  • Thermocouple

Propane Plan B

  • Coverage for over 60 valuable parts and services
  • Provides additional protection and peace of mind, for the ideal in home heating protection
  • Includes warm air or hot water system
  • Up to 4 zones per unit (please call for custom pricing on additional zones)
  • Includes everything in Propane Plan A, plus:
  • Covers repair or replacement of the following additional heating system parts only, which may become defective through normal wear and tear, and the following services, for one year:


  • Air Valves
  • Altitude & Temperature Gauge
  • Automatic Flue Damper
  • Blower Bearings
  • Blower Motor (up to $350 allowance)
  • Blower Pulleys
  • Blower Shaft
  • Boiler Feeder
  • Boiler Valves
  • Circulator Bearing Assemblies
  • Circulators Complete (residential only)
  • Clock Thermostat (Limit 1)
  • Draft Regulator
  • E.A.C. Power Pack
  • Expansion or Diaphragm Tank
  • Fan Inducer Motor Assembly (up to $350 allowance)
  • Fan Wheel
  • Feed Valve - Auto
  • Flow Valves
  • Flue Damper
  • Gas Cock Valve
  • Gauge Glass
  • Heating Zone Valve (residential only)
  • Heating Zone Valve Motor
  • Heating Zone Valve Powerhead
  • Low Water Cut-Off
  • Main Circuit Board
  • Mixing Valve
  • Power Venter (up to $350 allowance)
  • Purge Valve
  • Pyrostat
  • Sensor Ignition Module
  • Thermostat Subbase


  • Bleeding of Radiators
  • Purging of Heating System